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Charming Victorian Iconography

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A printed Membership Certificate for Ellsworth Zouaves.

This hand-colored lithograph is the first we have seen –most probably having been consumed by The Great Chicago Fire.

An Ellsworth image, flanked by flags and rifles, adorns the top. Numerous other images of uniformed Zouaves and articles of war are also depicted, tastefully colored in the Victorian style.

The Library of Congress has a “proof” copy in poor condition that is for “Honorary” membership instead of “Active”

Ellsworth Zouaves “ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATE / ELLSWORTH ZOUAVES G.G. / Organized April   2d, 1861.” Unaccomplished J. C. Hill, 1871 (before October). Printed by Bremner & Co. Lith., 196-197 Lake Street, Chgo.   This certificate of “Active” membership was published the year of the Chicago Fire.

Our very good friend, Doug Dammann from the Kenosha Civil War Museum writes about Elmer Ellsworth.  

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