Emancipation Proclamation, Calligraphic Portrait of Lincoln, Print


A Clever and Desirable Lincoln Portrait

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This Emancipation Proclamation is a portrait of Lincoln, based on the photograph O-91; rendered in calligraphy, with the words of the Emancipation Proclamation as the medium. It is one of the more popular lithographs.

“An interesting calligraphic portrait of Lincoln “¦ and made by skillful shading of the handwritten text, hence the peculiar hyphenations.´– Eberstadt.

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 Pratt, W. H. (Broadside)  PROCLAMATION OF EMANCIPATION / Whereas / on the twenty second day”¦a Proclamation was issued”¦.ABRAHAM LINCOLN.  Designed and written by W. H. Pratt, Davenport, Iowa.  Litho. By A. Hageboeck.  Davenport:  1865.  Approx. 12 x 15 inches.  Eberstadt #40. 

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