Emancipation Proclamation, Self-Titled Print


Dramatic, with Spirited Iconography

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An Emancipation Proclamation, print titled Emancipation Proclamation, featuring an engraved American eagle at the top, an engraved angel and devil to either side, surrounded by scenes of slavery beneath the devil, and scenes of freedom beneath the angel.

“A highly spirited Western edition embellished with four large slave scenes lithographed at the left and four freedom scenes at the right.” –Eberstadt.

Mat burn (as usually seen), water damage, matted. good.  

(Martin & Judson) (Broadside)  (Spread eagle) / EMANCIPATION / (figures of Justice and Liberty centered between a slavery scene at left and freedom scene at right) / Proclamation”¦.  Del., lith. And print by L. Lipman, Milwaukee, 1864.  Published and sold the Martin and Judson, Madison, Wisconsin.  Eberstadt #33,  

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