Franklin Roosevelt, Signature on White House Art, The Democratic Book, 1936


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Franklin Roosevelt Signature on an illustration of The White House, inside a copy of The Democratic Book, from 1936.

A voluminous book of information and advertising (which are great fun!) that was used as a fundraiser for the Democratic Party. Contains FDR’s acceptance speech, the Democratic Platform of 1936, and biographies of all the Cabinet members as well as articles on Congress, the Supreme Court, and the Cabinet departments; plus, reproductions of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The recipient’s name in gilt at the bottom of the front cover, “Volunteer Portland Cement Company.” It was the first time a President, while in office in the White House, helped raise campaign funds for a political party. Sold to Democratic donors at $250 each to pay off the 1936 re-election debt. 

The signed White House illustration is often found removed from the book as it makes a beautiful display piece; we think perhaps the finest setting for a presidential signature.

Excellent; lt. damp-staining on end-sheets only.

Roosevelt, Franklin D. THE DEMOCRATIC BOOK 1936.  Limited First Edition, Signed beneath a color portrait of the White House. Large quarto, 384 pp.; bound in full brown leather; silk end-sheets; 19 full-page portraits, dozens of in-text half-tones and illustrations, and a facsimile of the Constitution. Folio (11″ x 14″). 

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