Frederick H. Meserve, Abraham Lincoln, 20 Original Cartes de Visite, Beautifully Framed


Twenty Iconic Lincoln Images

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Frederick H. Meserve was considered the preeminent historian of the photographs of Lincoln and one of America’s premier Lincoln-era image collectors who began collecting before 1900.  He acquired Matthew B. Brady’s Civil War negatives, housed in 24 wooden crates, in 1902 – from which these cartes-de-visite images came.  His negative collection is now housed in the Library of Congress. 

It is quite unusual to find this many Lincoln images together, each directly off a glass plate negative in the Frederick Hill Meserve Collection. This grouping includes O-6, O-16, O-27. O-26, O-62, O-63, O-64, O-69, O-82, O-83, O-86, O-87O-90, O-91, O-89, O-92, O-96, O-113, O-114, and O-116. 

Frederick H. Meserve, Abraham Lincoln. 20 Sepia-Toned Cartes-de-Visite of Lincoln handsomely framed together, arranged chronologically and framed under UV-protected plexiglass with a hand-decorated mat.  Each images has its own window, making for a compelling presentation.