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G. T. Beauregard, Autograph Letter, Signed

Beauregard Sends a Telegram


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G. T. Beauregard signs an urgent telegram concerning specific generals needed.

In full:  “For the sake of our cause & country send at once MacCall as Maj. Genl. & three Brig. Genls. recommend by Col. Ransom to command cavalry organizations here much needed.”

At this time, the designation “(signed)” is usually used on the “received” telegram to signify that the following signature is done by a secretary, aide, or clerk.  Here Beauregard uses it to indicate to the telegrapher to show that the copy he (the telegraph operator) will write out is not directly signed by himself, Beauregard.

Beauregard, G. T. (1818-1893; Confederate General)  Autograph Letter, signed “(signed) G. T. Beauregard”.  Jackson, Tenn.:  6 March 1862.  8vo.; 1p.; clerk endorsement on verso. Marked “Confidential.”  To “Genl. Sam. Coper A.G. / Richmond, Va.”