Lincoln Conspirators, Lions Club Enamel Pins


We’re Not “Lion”…

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Offering five Lincoln Conspirators Lions Club enamel pins. 

Lions Club members can commission their own pin sets. We have seen many themes over the years, but learning there was a group that commissioned a Lincoln Conspirators set was still a big surprise for us. Lions Club pins are enthusiastically traded at Lions Club gatherings across the world. 

Each pin includes an image of a conspirator-surrounded by a noose, the Conspirator’s name and role in the assassination, and punishment. Some of the names of the Lions Club members who commissioned the pins are included. Each pin includes the Lions Club logo, too.  

Excellent condition, we see no flaws. 

(Lincoln Conspirators) LIONS CLUB ENAMEL PINS. Conspirators represented include Herold, Spangler, Surratt, Azterodt, and Mudd. 21/2″ x 1 1/2″. Each with a clutch back fastener.