Paul Simon, Freedom’s Champion: Elijah Lovejoy, Signed


A Martyr for Freedom of the Press

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The late Senator Paul Simon revised and improved his classic biography of the Abolition Movement’s great martyr, Freedom’s Champion, in 1994.

In this edition of his earlier biography, Senator Simon provides an account of the life and work of Lovejoy, an avid abolitionist in the 1830’s and the first martyr to freedom of the press in the U.S.

Living in the slave state of Missouri, he suffered repeated persecution and acts of violence from mobs. Moving to Alton, Illinois, he had three presses destroyed before he himself was killed the fourth time in 1837. His death caused an eruption of antislavery activity throughout the nation; John Brown then dedicated his life to fighting slavery and Wendell Phillips emerged as a leader of the movement.

Simon distinguishes Lovejoy’s story as an enduring one for both the cause of freedom for the slaves and the cause of freedom of the press.

Lightly sunned dust jacket; else very good. 

Simon, Paul. FREEDOM’S CHAMPION: ELIJAH LOVEJOY. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 1994. Revised edition, 240p. illustrations.

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