Walter Stahr, Stanton: Lincoln’s War Secretary


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Walter Stahr’s Stanton tells the story of Abraham Lincoln’s indispensable Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton, the man the president entrusted with raising the army that preserved the Union.

A difficult and stubborn genius, Edwin Stanton was Lincoln’s stalwart Secretary of War, who not only brilliantly organized the Union Army, but dramatically raced to Lincoln’s deathbed on the night of April 14, 1865, and assumed control of the government.

Later, President Andrew Johnson attempted to remove Stanton from office after Stanton opposed Johnson’s Reconstruction policies, which led to Johnson’s impeachment. One cannot understand the first impeachment of an American president without understanding Stanton.

“In this well researched, forcefully written and argued biography, Walter Stahr shows why Stanton deserves great credit for helping make Lincoln a successful leader.”–Michael Burlingame. Author of Abraham Lincoln: A Life.

Stahr, Walter. STANTON: Lincoln’s War Secretary. As new in dust jacket; signed. 1st edition, 768p, hardcover.

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