Abraham Lincoln, Autograph Free Frank, as Member of Congress


From Lincoln’s Only Term in the U. S. House of Representatives! 

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Abraham Lincoln applies his signature on a Free Frank, as Member of Congress.

Lincoln’s signature is quite typical of that period in his life and before.  His signatures are quite uncommon and quite desirable from his one term in the U.S.  Congress. Cobean was a lawyer in Mansfield.  It’s known that, in 1860, he owned $5,000 worth of real estate and $6,000 worth of personal property and served as mayor of Mansfield from 1862 to 1864.

Written on an unusual brown paper, torn with its left quarter missing; otherwise excellent.

A desirable “free frank” from a sought-after period in Lincoln’s life.

Lincoln, Abraham. Address-Leaf with Autograph Free Frank Signature as “MC” (Member of Congress).  (Washington:  c1848).  Addressed in another hand to “(James) Cobean, Jr. / (Mans)field, Ohio”.