Broadside, Kentucky and the Secession of Louisiana


Louisiana Announces Secession!

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“IN SENATE / FEBRUARY 9, 1861.” is a small hand-bill sized broadside announcing the secession of Louisiana to Governor Beriah Magoffin and the government of Kentucky.

Small, 2-page broadside was printed for the Kentucky Senate in order for Governor Beriah Magoffin to advise the institution of the secession of Louisiana, which occurred on January 26, 1861. The communication is composed of Louisiana Governor Thomas Moore’s note to Magoffin covering an official copy of the Louisiana Ordinance of Secession. After declaring secession, the State of Louisiana declares their intentions regarding the free navigation of the Mississippi River as well as ingress and egress from its mouths.

Light foxing and toning; two holes near left margin where page was once bound-in to a book; small 1” tear at right edge does not damage any text.

(Broadside) IN SENATE. FEBRUARY 9, 1861. Broadside. 2p. 6 1.2” x 10” approx.

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