Henry Champion Deming, Insurgent Relations and Insurgent Animus, pamphlet


Challenging Johnson’s Reconstruction

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Representative Henry Champion Deming gave this speech on Insurgent Relations and Insurgent Animus in response to Andrew Johnson’s forgiving approach to Reconstruction. The speech is printed in pamphlet form.
Deming, a Republican, here takes exception to President Johnson’s easy-going approach to reuniting the nation. “Confidence is said to be a plant of slow growth, and if there is any kind of confidence which should be longer than the American aloe in blossoming, it is the confidence in any oath which these convicted oath-breakers can take.” 
Out of wrappers; lightly foxed; 1-inch slice in left edge with no loss; very good.
Deming, Henry Champion. Insurgent Relations and Insurgent Animus. A Speech of Mr. Deming, of Connecticut, on the President’s Message, Delivered in Committee of the Whole on the State of the Union, January 16, 1866. 8p., pamphlet. 

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