James Robertson, After the Civil War


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In After the Civil War: The Heroes, Villains, Soldiers, and Civilians Who Changed America, James “Bud” Robertson explores 70 fascinating figures who shaped America during Reconstruction and beyond.

Relentless politicians, intrepid fighters, artists with new vision, cunning innovators””the times called for bold moves, and this resilient generation would not disappoint. Following these extraordinary legends from the battle lines to the White House, from budding metropolises to the wooly west, we re-discover the foundation of this great nation. 

We meet Edwin Stanton, the dour secretary of war who would attempt to avenge the Union with harsh punishments for Confederate president Jefferson Davis, On the battlefield, Robertson chronicles the revered and ridiculed, from Robert E. Lee–idolized for his flawless war record–to Gen. George Pickett of the stunningly disastrous Gettysburg attack. Artistic pioneers like Winslow Homer and Walt Whitman immortalized the era’s emotion and spirit. Clara Barton founded the Red Cross, which continues to serve millions in emergency relief today. Eloquent former slave Frederick Douglass laid the groundwork for civil rights with his tireless crusade for racial equality. From titans like John D. Rockefeller to lesser known stars like eccentric Union spy Elizabeth Van Lew, the legacies of these diverse men and women tell the complex and fast-paced history of America forged anew.

In each entry, captivating anecdotes and illustrations–including antique photographs and artwork–give extraordinary insight into the generation’s biggest personalities. From Reconstruction to the Industrial Revolution and beyond, Robertson eloquently shows how the times of the era still reverberate today.

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Robertson, James: After the Civil War: : The Heroes, Villains, Soldiers, and Civilians Who Changed America. NY: 2015; 400p., illus. d.j.