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  • Humbug Pamphlet

  • Buttre, J, C. Portraits and Sketches of the Lives of all the Candidates for the Presidency…1806 Campaign Biography

  • (World War II) U.S. Gov. Printing Office, Events Leading up to World War II…& Surrender of Italy, Germany and Japan…, pamphlets, Signed

  • George Henry Preble, Pamphlet Signed

  • Abraham Lincoln Candidate, Lincoln Campaign Songster, 1864

  • John Pope, The Campaign in Virginia, of July and August, 1862, pamphlet

  • William Law, An Extract from a Letter Written by the Late William Law, pamphlet

  • John G. Nicolay, Abraham Lincoln, pamphlet, 1st ed.

  • Lincoln Douglas Debates, The Campaign in Illinois, Pamphlet

  • Abraham Lincoln As Delegate to the Chicago River and Harbor Convention

  • Abraham Lincoln, The Wigwam Edition, Campaign Biography, 1860

  • William S. Rosecrans, Chickamauga Pamphlet, Signature

  • Abraham Lincoln, Messages of the President of the United States to the Two Houses…

  • Thayer and Eldridge, The Life and Public Service of Hon. Abraham Lincoln, Illinois, and Hon. Hannibal Hamlin of Maine, 1st ed.

  • Raymond, Henry J. & Savage, John, The Life of Abraham Lincoln of Illinois (Raymond) and The Life of Andrew Johnson (Savage)

  • Catalog Subscription

  • John Mullaly ed., Trial of Abraham Lincoln…, pamphlet

  • Stephen A. Douglas, Popular Sovereignty in the Territories, pamphlet

  • Edward Pollard’s Observations in the North: Eight Months in Prison and on Parole

  • E.A. Brininstool, The Custer Fight…Pamphlet, 2nd Ed., Signed

  • Richard Grant White, Book of the Prophet Stephen, Son of Douglas

  • Confederate Centennial Studies, Original Ed., in wraps

  • Tom Taylor, Our American Cousin, Printed 1869

  • P.G.T. Beauregard, Review of Certain Remarks Made by the President…Pamphlet, Signature

  • Millard Fillmore, Thirteenth Annual Report – Pennsylvania Anti-Slavery Society, pamphlet Signed

  • James A. Garfield, Signature on GAR Memorial Pamphlet

  • Louis A. Warren, Lincoln Sheet Music Check List, pamphlet

  • James Speed, Opinion on the Constitutional Power of the Military, pamphlet

  • Eugene Pieter Romayn Feldman, Black Power in Old Alabama

  • Confederate States Almanac of 1864, pamphlet