Richard W. Meade, Original Pamphlet of the Meades’ Appeal to Congress in 1832


General George G. Meade’s Mother Demands Payment of Almost $500,00 Dollars

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The Richard W. Meade report documents the 1832 attempt by the General George Gordan Meade’s family to collect money allegedly owed by the U.S. Government on behalf of Spain.

The claimant is widow of Richard W. Meade, who was father of Union General George G. Meade. Richard Meade was involved in the U. S. acquisition of Florida. During the Peninsular War Meade aided Spain by delivery large quantities of flour, for which he was offered (and declined) Spanish citizenship.

Meade’s claims against Spain later led to his incarceration in Cadiz for two years, but then still later led to a settlement from Spain for $491,158. Under terms of the 1819 Adams-Onis treaty acquiring Florida these claims were supposedly payable by the U. S. Government.

Meade’s claims never got anywhere, and the Meade family was still trying to recover the claim from Congress into the 20th Century.

Out of binding; supporting document loose (1 page); lightly foxed; toned; penciled note on front “Father of Genl Geo Meade”; de-accessioned from New Jersey Historical Society with stamps. Else very good condition for an ephemeral document.

U. S. Congress. RICHARD W. MEADE. [TO ACCOMPANY BILL H. R. NO. 366]. FEBRUARY 10, 1832. Rep. 316, House of Representatives, 22nd Congress, 1st Session. Washington, 1832. 213p., with RICHARD W. MEADE. Rep. 174, House of Representatives, 19th Congress, 1st Session. 2p.