Richard Grant White, Book of the Prophet Stephen, Son of Douglas


Abe-hating Satire From the Copperheads


Book of the Prophet, Stephen, Son of Douglas is a satire in Biblical form on the political scene of 1861-62, concluding with a battle of “the Copperheads.” Deeply critical of President Lincoln, this particular pamphlet represents “Book the First,” of a two-part publication. There are rare variants where the two are bound together.

More commonly, as is the case here, one or the other of the wrappers-bound versions appear on the market. Generally dealing with topics related to New York, the writer describes conflicts between the “Black-snakes” and the “Copperheads,”preferring the latter, and foretelling that in the future “white deities” would abide in the “temple of liberty.”

This is an extremely scarce example of anti-Lincoln political satire.

Rear wrapper missing; spine repaired with paper tape, which obscures some text on the last page; red ink markings on title; light foxing and light soiling; else very good.

White, Richard Grant. Book of the Prophet Stephen, Son of Douglas. Wherein Marvelous Things are Foretold of the Reign of Abraham. NY: Feeks & Banker, Wholesale Newsdealers and Booksellers, 1863. 48p., octavo, (Monaghan 254).