John Mullaly ed., Trial of Abraham Lincoln…, pamphlet


A Strong Anti-Lincoln Pamphlet!

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Trial of Abraham Lincoln by the Great Statesmen of the Republic. A Council of the Past on the Tyranny of the Present was created to attack Lincoln as a despot during the crucial year of 1863.

This writing may have tended to exacerbate the feelings of anti-war Democrats, especially in the New York, and especially at the time of the draft riots. This essay was originally published in a Catholic family newspaper, Metropolitan Record, edited by John Mullaly. To discredit the administration quotations by Lincoln are used against him in a “trial” using a jury of quotations from Henry Clay, John Hancock, Alexander Hamilton, Andrew Jackson, Elbridge Gerry, and others.

Bound in protective library boards; very good condition.

(Mullaly, John ed.) TRIAL OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN BY THE GREAT STATESMEN OF THE REPUBLIC. A COUNCIL OF THE PAST ON THE TYRANNY OF THE PRESENT. New York: 1863. 29p., printed wrappers, octavo. (Monaghan 252).