S. S. Boggs, Eighteen Months a Prisoner Under the Rebel Flag, wraps


An Impassioned Reminiscence of a POW

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S. S. Boggs wrote and self-published Eighteen Months a Prisoner Under the Rebel Flag twenty-two years after his experience as a prisoner of war in a series of Confederate prisons.

At that time Boggs sensed that the public would rather move on from recalling the atrocities of the war in order to promote reunion. He wrote “it is our duty to ourselves and to the memory of those who have been exchanged to another world, that we, as far as possible, each leave a pen picture of at least the mildest part of our prison life.” Boggs’ pen-picture is a painful and detailed account of confinement and cruelty.

Lightly chipped; wrappers splitting but intact; usual toning for this highly acidic paper. Overall very good.

Boggs, S. S. Eighteen Months a Prisoner Under the Rebel Flag, A Condensed Pen-Picture of Belle Isle, Danville, Andersonville, Charleston, Florence and Libby Prisons From Actual Experience. Lovington, IL: S.S. Boggs, 1887. 73p., wrappers (Dornbusch Illinois – 135 variant).

Prisoner of War, Andersonville, Libby Prison