Samuel F. Du Pont, A Selection From His Civil War Letters, 1st ed.


A Valuable Collection of Letters From a Union Admiral

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Admiral Samuel Francis Du Pont’s Civil War correspondence was released as A Selection From His Civil War Letters in an edition by Admiral John D. Hayes in 1969. It was a monumental effort since Admiral Du Pont was a prodigious writer of both personal and official correspondence.

Mostly covering Du Pont as commander of the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron, in which he enjoyed success and acclaim as victor at Port Royal, but defeat and relief from command after failure at Fort Sumter in April 1863. The blockade remains of the most underappreciated military efforts of the Civil War, and Du Pont’s letters serve as essential primary sources for that.

Excellent condition; with uncommon glassine dust jackets.

Du Pont, Samuel Francis. A SELECTION FROM HIS CIVIL WAR LETTERS, ed. By John D. Hayes. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1969. 1st edition, 3 volumes, frontispieces, portraits, illustrations, maps. Slipcase.