Bradley M. Gottfried, The Maps of Gettysburg: An Atlas of the Gettysburg Campaign, June 3 – July 13, 1863, Signed on Bookplate


Gettysburg’s Cartographic History!



Bradley M. Gottfried debuted the Savas Beatie series of battle maps books with The Maps of Gettysburg.

More academic and photographic accounts of the battle of Gettysburg exist than for all other battles of the Civil War combined — and for good reason. The three days of maneuver, attack, and counterattack consisted of scores of encounters, from corps-size actions to small unit engagements.

Gottfried plows new ground in the study of the campaign by breaking down the entire campaign in 146 detailed full page original maps. These cartographic creations bore down to the regimental level, offering a unique and fascinating approach to studying what may have been the climactic battle of the war. Keyed to each map is detailed text about the unit, personnel, movements, and combat.

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Gottfried, Bradley M. THE MAPS OF GETTYSBURG: THE ATLAS OF THE GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN, JUNE 3-JULY 13, 1863. New York and El Dorado Hills, CA: (2024). 1st edition (maps in color); 4th printing, Signed on Bookplate, 363p., maps.