Carl Sandburg, The Prairie Years & The War Years, 6 vols, Signed


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Carl Sandburg, The Prairie Years & The War Years, handsomely bound. Sandburg’s monumental work, the one full biography most associated with Abraham Lincoln.  

Sandburg collected a huge amount of information for this biography which was praised for presenting a more folksy, “real” Lincoln, not a cold statue. Despite a number of errors of both fact and interpretation, it nonetheless is a beautifully written, poetic work.

Excellent; as new. Signed

Sandburg, Carl. ABRAHAM LINCOLN: THE PRAIRIE YEARS.  New York: 1926.  Ltd. ed., 133/260 sets.  Signed.  2 vols.; rag paper; spine labels; front., illus.; t.e.g.; deckled edges.  Scarce in original, plain dust wrappers!  Housed in a protective, half-leather clamshell box.  WITH:  ABRAHAM LINCOLN: THE WAR YEARS.  N.Y.;  1939.  Ltd. ed., 231/525 sets. Signed.  4 vols.; rag paper; deckled edges; spine labels.  front., illus., t.e.g.