Herbert Hoover, Principles of Mining, 1st Ed., Signed


Tough to Find in 1st Ed.,
Tougher to Find Signed!

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Offering Herbert Hoover’s Principles of Mining, 1st edition, signed.

In Principles of Mining, Herbert Hoover provides the original definitions of “proven ore,” “probable ore,” and the reason why “possible ore” estimates are irresponsible. Aside from the historical significance of these important terms, Hoover is worth reading because of his wonderful writing style. Hoover, a mining engineer before he ran for president,  and his wife, Lou Henry Hoover, who spoke seven languages, also translated Agricola’s 1556 De Re Metallica.  Inscribed to Alan Bruyere wo signs as well, identifying himself as being from the U. of N. Dakota “Mines.”  Included is a card for Bruyere “For Engineering Assemblyman / Independent” that bears his image.

The book itself is almost impossible to find, let alone it being signed!

Very good; clean, bold inscription and signature.  Shadow at left on photograph only.

Hoover, Herbert PRINCIPLES OF MINING:  VALUATION, ORGANIZATION AND ADMINISTRATION / COPPER, GOLD, LEAD, SILVER, TIN AND  ZINC.  NY.:  McGraw-Hill, 1909.  First Edition / Fourth Thousand.  199p.; illustrated.  Inscribed and Signed:  “To Alan Bruyere / With the Kind Regards / of Herbert Hoover.”

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