Soldiers’ Electoral Ticket, 1864 Election


Scarce and in Fine Condition!

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This Electoral Ticket was designed for soldiers far away from home. Since not all soldiers could leave the field and go vote in the state, some  places sent electoral ballots out to their state’s soldiers. 

Beneath an image of battle flags, cannon, and cannon balls, the various Electors are listed – since that is what this ballot represented.  Then 22 nominees for state offices ranging from Governor to Coroner are additionally itemized.  To save paper, obviously, the names of six Townships are listed with the instruction:  “The voter will strike out the name of every Township, except  the one he resided in at the time of his enlistment.;” the soldier here crossed out the other names as instructed. 

These soldier ballots are quite uncommon; this one is in particularly fine condition. 

Soldier’s Electoral Ticket.  FOR THE UNION / LINCOLN & JOHNSON / NO COMPROMISE WITH TREASON!  Branch County, Michigan / 1st Representative District / Algansee (Township).  Circa 1864.  3-5/8″ x 7-1/8″ 

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