Thomas Horrocks, Lincoln’s Campaign Biographies, 1st ed.


Looks at How People Learned About Lincoln

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In Lincoln’s Campaign Biographies, Thomas Horricks examines the over twenty campaign biographies written about Lincoln for both elections.

Horrocks investigates Lincoln’s campaign biographies within the context of the critical relationship between print and politics in nineteenth-century America and compares the works about Lincoln with other presidential campaign biographies of the era. Horrocks shows that more than most politicians of his day, Lincoln deeply appreciated and understood the influence and the power of the printed word.

Part of the Southern Illinois University Press series, The Concise Lincoln Library. This exciting series brings together expert scholars to elaborate on the life, times, and legacy of Abraham Lincoln. Each book gives readers the opportunity to quickly achieve basic knowledge of a Lincoln-related topic. In an effort to make new scholarship accessible to the widest audience possible, the books carry minimal endnotes and historiography and are written in a style that is easy for anyone to understand. In-depth yet accessible, the Concise Lincoln Library appeals to both the novice and the Lincoln scholar.

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Horrocks, Thomas. Lincoln’s Campaign Biographies. Carbondale: 2014. 1st edition, 168p., illustrations.