Timothy B. Smith, The Inland Campaign for Vicksburg: Five Battles in Seventeen Days May 1-17, 1863, 1st ed., Signed on Bookplate


Volume Five in Smith’s Vicksburg Campaign Series 
–The Final Installment–

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With The Inland Campaign for Vicksburg: Five Battles in Seventeen Days… Tim Smith sheds much-needed light to this often-misunderstood episode of the Union’s efforts to take Vicksburg. This is the fifth and final volume of Smith’s renowned series detailing the campaign for Vicksburg,

In the entire nine-month-long campaign, there was no more tension and drama than in these seventeen days when Grant’s Army of the Tennessee marched through the wilds of Mississippi, claiming victory after victory, tearing the heart out of the State of Mississippi and the Confederacy. By the end of the swift assault, Grant arrived victorious at the exact place he had worked to gain for months: the high ground east of Vicksburg where he had access to both the city and an open and unchallenged supply route via the Yazoo River to the north. He could finally begin the process of capturing Vicksburg.

Civil War historians have long disagreed about how to understand this moment of the Vicksburg Campaign as they analyze Union supply lines, the swiftness of the campaign, and other salient details of Grant’s success. Amid this debate, Tim Smith has written the first standalone investigation of the Inland Campaign, which boasts new insights, keen attention to primary sources, and a broad, clear-eyed look at Grant’s brilliance as he led the Army of the Tennessee toward Vicksburg.

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THE INLAND CAMPAIGN FOR VICKSBURG: FIVE BATTLES IN SEVENTEEN DAYS, MAY 1-17, 1863. Lawrence: University press of Kansas, 2024. 1st ed, 531p., illus, maps. Signed.

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