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Abraham Lincoln, The Wigwam Edition, Campaign Biography, 1860

The Keystone to Any Lincoln Collection


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The Wigwam Edition…by an unknown author, is one of the first campaign biographies of  Abraham Lincoln. Campaign Biographies were one the best ways that voters got to know the candidates.

The publishers were one of a number who announced on May 19, the day after the Lincoln’s nomination for the presidency, that they had a life of him “in press.”

The unknown author of The Wigwam Edition relied upon newspaper articles and chose the wrong first name. But this was by far the most popular “life” issued during the campaign and it rightfully remains the keystone to any collection of Lincolniana.

Bound in ½-leather and marble boards, scuffed. Front illustrated wrapper only, which is chipped at edge; otherwise very good and clean.

(Campaign Biography-1860) THE WIGWAM EDITION. THE LIFE, SPEECHES, AND PUBLIC SERVICES OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN. TOGETHER WITH A SKETCH OF THE LIFE OF HANNIBAL HAMLIN…. New York: Rudd & Carleton, 1860. 1st ed., 117p., frontis. port., illus. front wrap. Monaghan 92; Wesson 1. Bookplate: copy of Joseph B. Oakleaf, Lincoln collector and bibliographer.