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  • Harvey DeWeerd, President Wilson Fights His War, 1st ed.

  • Edward “Ted” Kennedy and Birch Bayh Grouping, Signatures of Both!

  • Jere Clemens, The Rivals, Signed Twice By Lloyd Tilghman

  • J. R. Poinsett, Regulations Established for the Organization and Government of the Military Academy, at West Point, 1839 Revised Edition

  • George Sanders Lincoln in the Bardo, Later Ed. Signed Bookplate

  • Elias Boudinot, Signature in An Account of the New York Hospital

  • Walter Neale, Life of Ambrose Bierce, 1st ed., in dj

  • Martha Anne Turner, The World of Col. John A. Thomason, USMC

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    Jonathan W. White, Midnight in America, 1st ed., Signed

  • George Saunders, Lincoln in the Bardo, 1st ed., Signed

  • Edward Everett, Address Of Hon. Edward Everett, At The Consecration Of The National Cemetery At Gettysburg…pamphlet

  • Shadrach Bond, Signature on Printed Letter

  • Eugene Pieter Romayn Feldman, Black Power in Old Alabama

  • Keith Rocco, Pickets In Fredericksburg

  • Keith Rocco, Rorke’s Drift: Natal Province

  • Keith Rocco, The Stone Wall: Jackson and the Virginia Brigade at Manassas (Remarque)

  • Keith Rocco, The Stone Wall: Jackson and the Virginia Brigade at Manassas

  • Keith Rocco, The Outpost (Union)

  • Keith Rocco, The Outpost (Confederate)

  • Keith Rocco, The Iron Duke: Wellington at Waterloo, Remarque Edition

  • Ellsworth Zouaves Membership Certificate Print

  • George F. Root, Autograph Musical Notation

  • Walter Isaacson, The Innovators, 1st ed., Signed

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    David Axelrod, Believer My Forty Years in Politics

  • Wesley Clark, A Time to Lead

  • Mari Sandoz, The Battle of the Little Big Horn

  • Raphael Semmes, Printed Document, Signed in Type

  • James Robertson, After the Civil War

  • Albert Beveridge, Abraham Lincoln: 1809-1858 1st Ed.

  • Vittore Bocchetta, Philip Sheridan Bronze Sculpture