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  • Edward Meany, Washington From Life

  • James Pula, Under the Crescent Moon with the XI Corps in the Civil War, Volume 1, 1st ed.

  • Jere Clemens, The Rivals, Signed Twice By Lloyd Tilghman

  • Confederate Currency, A Complete Set of the Straker Reverses

  • Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, Autograph Letter, Signed

  • J. R. Poinsett, Regulations Established for the Organization and Government of the Military Academy, at West Point, 1839 Revised Edition

  • Michael Burlingame, Abraham Lincoln: A Life

  • Robert E. Lee, Autograph Letter, Signature

  • James B. McPherson, Carte-de-Visite, Signature, with Rank

  • Richard Carwardine, Lincoln’s Sense of Humor, 1st ed.

  • George Sanders Lincoln in the Bardo, Later Ed. Signed Bookplate

  • Edward Tobie, History of the First Maine Cavalry 1861-1865

  • James D. Bulloch, The Secret Service of the Confederate States in Europe, 1st American ed.

  • J. Wilkinson, The Narrative of a Blockade Runner, 1st ed.

  • Jacob Barber, The Rebellion: It’s Consequences…

  • J. S. Buckingham, America, Historical, Statistical Descriptive, 3 vols, 1st ed

  • Edward J. Kempf, Abraham Lincoln’s Philosophy of Common Sense, 1st ed w/map

  • William H. Thomas, Running the Blockade or Secret Service Adventures

  • Thomas Taylor, Running the Blockade, American Edition, with Map

  • Cornelius Hunt, The Shenandoah; Or The Last Confederate Cruiser

  • Adin Baber, Nancy Hanks of Undistinguished Families: Second Families, Signed

  • Camille Baquet, History of the First Brigade, New Jersey Volunteers From 1861 TO 1865

  • Abraham Lincoln, Modern Photograph, O-71, black & white

  • Autograph Album, US Presidents Coolidge, Hoover and Taft, plus VPs and Cabinet Members

  • Grover Cleveland Signature on Public Papers of Grover Cleveland, Governor of New York

  • Douglas Southall Freeman, The South To Posterity, 1st ed., Signed

  • Frank Lawrence Owsley, King Cotton Diplomacy: Foreign Relations of Confederate States of America

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    Pamela D. Toler PhD., Heroines of Mercy Street., 1st ed, signed

  • Abraham Lincoln, Signature on Legal Document, signed “Lincoln & Herndon”

  • Brian Dirck, Lincoln In Indiana, 1st ed., Signed