Civil War

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  • Jefferson Davis, Collection, four items

  • Peter S. Michie, The Life and Letters of Emory Upton…, 1st ed

  • George S. Greene, Manuscript signed, titled Submarine Mining

  • Jeffry Wert, The Heart of Hell, 1st ed., Signed on Bookplate

  • Bradley M. Gottfried, The Maps of Gettysburg: An Atlas of the Gettysburg Campaign, June 3 – July 13, 1863., 1st ed., Signed on Bookplate

  • John Pope, The Campaign in Virginia, of July and August, 1862, pamphlet

  • Timothy B. Smith, Early Struggles for Vicksburg: The Mississippi Central Campaign and Chickasaw Bayou, October 25-December 31, 1863 1st ed., Signed on Bookplate

  • Keith Rocco, Defense of Little Round Top…, Lithograph, Remarque Ed., Framed

  • Our Country Forever! Songs For Sherman’s Army, War-dated Broadside

  • Ulysses S. Grant, Modern Photograph, black and white

  • Judah Benjamin, Manuscript Letter, Signed, With Ephemera

  • John Avlon, Lincoln and the Fight for Peace, 1st ed., Signed on Bookplate

  • James A. Garfield, Autograph Document Signed, as GAR Commander-in-Chief

  • Warder & Catlett, Battle of Young’s Branch, Pamphlet

  • Gary Gallagher, The Enduring Civil War, 1st ed., Signed on Bookplate

  • Samuel French, The Army of the Potomac From 1861 to 1862, 1st ed.

  • Rufus H. Dawes, Service with the Sixth Wisconsin, 2nd ed.

  • Harriet Beecher Stowe, Autograph Salutation, Signed

  • Woodrow Wilson, The History of the American People, Documentary Edition, Signed

  • Rogers Group, The Town Pump

  • Charles Scribner’s Sons, Campaigns of the Civil War, 16 vols, 1st ed.

  • Allen J. Ottens, John A. Rawlins: No Ordinary Man, 1st ed., Signed on Bookplate

  • W.C. King & W.P. Derby, Campfire Sketches and Battlefield Echols of 61-65, 1st ed.

  • John Hennessy, Return to Bull Run, 1st ed., Signed on Bookplate

  • G. T. Beauregard, Autograph Letter, Signed

  • William Marvel, Radical Sacrifice: The Rise and Ruin of Fitz John Porter, 1st ed., Signed on Bookplate

  • Timothy B. Smith, The Siege of Vicksburg: Climax of the Campaign to Open the Mississippi River, May 23 – July 4, 1863, 1st ed., Signed on Bookplate

  • Karen Cox, No Common Ground, 1st ed, with Signed Bookplate

  • Edwin Stanton, Autograph Letter, Signed

  • J. H. Hobart Ward, Autograph Letter, Signed as Brigadier General